Good Ol Boys Restaurant Auburn Alabama Menu Steakhouse

Our Menu

  • Top Sirloin only 11.99 $

    Our delicious, smallest sirloin.

    Famous 16oz Sirloin only 15.99 $

    A customer favorite for 20 years!

    11oz Ribeye only 17.99 $

    Tasty and tender, with just the right amount of marbling!

    16oz Ribeye only 23.99 $

    Our king-cut Ribeye

    12oz Del Monico only 18.99 $

    Most marbling, very tender & tasty

    16oz Del Monico only 23.99 $

    Large, tender, & delicious with lots of marbling

    24oz Large Top Eye only 20.99 $

    24oz Sirloin, our biggest steak!

    12oz New York Strip only 14.99 $

    Tender, flavorful, and always a pleaser!

    Ground Sirloin only 9.49 $

    8oz hamburger steak, with or without gravy

    Beef Kabobs only 9.99 $

    Tasty bits of sirloin marinated with peppers and onions

  • Boneless Pork Chops only 9.99 $

    Marinated & flame grilled chops

    Ribeye Steak Sandwich only 9.49 $

FRESHEST MEAT QUALITY All of our steaks are hand cut, aged, and grilled to perfection over a flaming char broiler.